Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh what a day, oh, and Vanessa Hudgens

I'm going to start posting a lot more for now on. Just found a new job so I'm going to have a lot of freetime and hopefully as well I can eventually get me my own blog and hopefully my own fans as well because I think this would be a great thing to do for a living.

What a day it's been. I washed and dried clothes this morning, watched the news for half an hour then finished reading a book I checked out from the library. It was called Bergdorf Blondes by some chick named Plum Sykes. Not a bad read for a chick but I found it humorous in a girly way. Although I swear I'll hit the next broad I hear say "ewwww!" That is the most spine-tingling thing I've ever heard in my entire life. When a girl says that it's like running fingernails down a chalkboard I swear.

And has anybody else heard about the latest little televised tinseltown tart to bare all? Where apparently some girl named Vanessa Hudgens has decided to do some nude pics for her boyfriend that were of course leaked on the net. If I can find them later I'll post them. I saw the blurry version on the news.

Why it's on the "news" I have no idea. It just reinforces my claim that Fox News isn't really news, but rather infotainment as a friend of mine calls it. It's a little information mixed in with a lot of jazz and nonsense that doesn't make a difference about anything.

More later when I find those pics. She looks cute. Kind of Mexican or Asian or something.

Till then,

Lord Nelson, the Syndicated Blogger, a.k.a. - Johnny Mustang

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow, it's been awhile.....

I must say that I have no earthly idea how rambly my last post was but a friend of mine told me to edit it or keep it short so that's what I'm going to do right now.

What should I talk about right now? Well, for one, I must say: who gives a damn about O.J. Simpson? Why do we keep giving this attention whore the "crack" he craves and desires so badly? Why do we play right into his hands and give this freak of nature what he wants? You wanna whack your old lady for cheating on you? Go ahead. If he would have done it and then acted coy about it, I wouldn't have had such a negative opinion of him. But this freak of nature(F.O.N. from henceforth) just continues to act like a nut wherever he goes.

I listened to a radio show the other day where story after story came in about his nutcase hitting on women in planes. It was kind of crazy. I mean like their husbands sit right there and then boom! He orders them a drink in front of their husbands. Does this guy want to get shot or what? If he had any brains he would at all he would keep his insecurities to himself, that's for sure.

As for anything else, well, I'm trying to find a new job. There's an administrative position in Chicago that looks promising as well as a job in Houston. Not sure which one I'll take but I'm taking it one step at a time.

Till next-time,

Lord Nelson.(

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hello World and Drawing Lines in the Sand

Hello world.

That was an odd saying that my old math teacher would say all the time when some halfwit student couldn't answer a simple multiplication problem in class. I think it's a good introduction to my blog entries. To date, I must confess, I still don't exactly obsess about the idea of blogging because I think people who self-proclaim themselves as cool without actually being cool blog obsessively. However, I feel there are many great blogs out there that are very important to the expression of ideas and the flow of opinion and plenty of cool and interesting people to meet, befriend perhaps, and certainly entertain. And meeting new interesting people is one thing that I love to do.

I have odd tastes in people I suppose but to each his own. I can be friends with anybody from hopeless romantics to depressive psychotics to funky eccentrics. So if you enjoy my writings then please consider yourself a friend. If you like criticizing my work well then fuck you and still consider me a friend. I take criticism in stride and actually value it but I hope you can handle my dark sense of humor as well. Because without it, I simply put wouldn't be me.

Well, that's enough on me, now onto what I wanted to write on:

I really loathe this horrible, and I mean horrible decade. As a student of American history I haven't seen anything like this before with regards to this in the past century. This decade has been like the 1960s only without the good robust economy, it's as if we have abandoned our middle class and gone apeshit insane after political correctness and bullshit facades.

Look at politics, this is where I really mean 'drawing lines in the sand.' I have never seen this country this divided. I mean even in the 1960s I've never seen more polarizing political figures than George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton. They are extremely troubling in their policies and political records. It makes me wonder whose interests they really have at heart.

And then the horrible music that's come out of the decade. Compare this decade to the 80s and 90s and look at the economy. I mean shit, gasoline almost tripled in price and real estate probably went up ten fold. And they wonder why people don't think the economy is good even though the media is hellbent on making us believe it is so.

Do these idiots consider such factors when calculating inflation rates and the health of the economy?

Stories about theft and scams and all sorts of other crime increasing with gasoline prices don't boad well for the future of this country. After all - when the poor have less disposable income - what do you think is going to compress - their lifestyles or their disposable income? I'm willing to gamble the former. Meaning that money has to come from somewhere and crime seems to be the only place that's going to be gotten.

I don't know, fuck my insane ramblings.

Goofy fashions, retrograde 80s wannabe twats thinking this is 1985 when they know it isn't.

Does anybody else hate this horrible decade?

I'd better shut up now because I believe in the old fashioned superstition that usually if you bitch about how bad something is - it'll probably get worse. Murphy's Law personified.

I have a dark, ominous feeling that this upcoming decade isn't going to be very rosy and carefree like the previous 2 decades were.

I once said God damn the 20th century. And I didn't mean that as a curse phrase, I actually wanted God to damn it to hell. I'm starting to think the 20th century is going to be a cake walk in comparison to the shit we'll see in the future.

Oh well, I'm mixing me up a screwdriver and will be making me a vodka tonic soon thereafter.


Here's to a not-so-perfect present and a hopefully better future no matter how dark it looks at the moment.

And here's to the hope I get drunk very soon. ;)

If you like my ramblings then stay tuned to my next post, if not, go fuck yourself and get drunk like I am.

Good night folks.

Lord Nelson, The Syndicated Blogger a.k.a. Ronnie Mustang a.k.a. The Man a.k.a. The Dude